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How To Save Our Environment From Pollution Essay

Pollution and the Environment Essay

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Pollution and the Environment

Pollution occurs when harmful substances or products are introduced into the environment. It is a major problem in America, as well as the rest of the world. Pollution damages the environment and does harm to humans and other animals. It creates many problems, from lung cancer to the greenhouse effect. Oblivious to the damage they cause, rednecks continue to throw trash out of the window instead of walking two feet to a garbage can. The laziness of these types of people creates problems for the entire planet. People must realize that something needs to change. Why does our world continue to become more polluted year after year?

Obviously, most pollution comes from automobiles. The most famous…show more content…

In today’s society when something gets the slightest bit old, it must be thrown away and a new one replaces it. The citizens blame the government for their trash problem. The over consumers must take the blame for this situation. The last major source of pollution is in the businesses. In a few rare instances, businesses dumped their waste products into streams, lakes, or rivers. This may seem like a relatively small occurrence that does not affect most people. However, horrible consequences result every time a company pollutes a water system. Mutations and human death have occurred as a direct result of illegal dumping. Illegal dumping contaminates our drinking water and soil. The pollutants dumped by industry are so concentrated that a single barrel can destroy an entire lake's ecosystem.

Despite the severity of the pollution problem, it can be solved. Individuals can do a lot to save the environment. Instead of driving, carpool with a friend or take a bus. This will not only cut down on the pollution due to cars each year, but will also save money on gas. Taking the time to sort your trash and placing it in the appropriate recycling bins can also do a lot for the environment. Recycling reduces the amount of waste piled into landfills. Also, pay attention to the products you buy and how they are packaged. Do not buy items that will be thrown away due to lack of use.

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Recycling to Preserve Our Environment Essay

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Many people assume that the environment is not in danger. They believe that as technology advances, we do not need to worry about renewing natural resources, recycling, and finding new ways to produce energy. They state that one person in the world does not make a large difference. In reality, each individual's contribution greatly affects our environment. Our natural resources are slowly disappearing, and we must work together to save them and the Earth from ruin. Recycling is important in the effort to preserve our environment for future generations. We are running out of locations to put landfills. Recycling is a simple and effective way to reduce the amount of waste stored in landfills, yet many people do not know how easy it can…show more content…

It seems like a small, insignificant action, but the way I see it, I save money on trash bags while getting a second use out of the plastic bags. Some people would just throw away the bags and buy new trash bags, but doing that would send double the plastic bags to be filled in a landfill. Another simple way to reduce landfill size and preserve resources is to refill water bottles. By refilling water bottles, people save a considerable amount of energy and natural resources by not having to purchase single serve bottles, which are made of nonrenewable petroleum. Additionally, the plastic manufacturing process is associated with toxic byproducts. Most people are reluctant to refill their water bottles because they assume that tap water is not as ?clean? as bottled water. That is a common misconception, however. In 2000, a study in The Archives of Family Medicine compared 57 samples of bottled water to the tap water in Cleveland and found that while 39 samples of the bottled water were cleaner than tap, more than a dozen had at least 10 times the bacterial levels found in the city's water. Tap water is often better regulated than bottled water and has to meet more stringent health standards at both the federal and local levels. According to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protections (NJDEP) Solid Waste Management Plan SectionB.1., ?Source Reduction is the first tier of the solid waste management hierarchy. The

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