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Knights Of Columbus Scholarship Essay Examples


The Knights of Columbus have several worthy programs that are often overlooked. One of these is the State Council Scholarship awards program. This program is specifically designed for high school seniors planning to enter college or students who are currently enrolled in a College or University.

It is important to stress that this is a “Council Activity” and not run by the state. The program is built upon the premise that all brother knights of each Council actively promote this valuable Program that supports the youth of our State. The primary contacts for questions from the Scholarship Applicants are the Council Grand Knight and the Council scholarship program chairman.

Eleven scholarships will be awarded by the California State Council at the annual State Convention in the following categories:

Academic:  Seven (7) student scholarships of $1,000 each for those entering or resuming college,
Religious:  Three (3) scholarships (Jerome J. Junk Memorial Scholarship) worth $1,000 each to those who are, or will be, attending a vocational religious school and;
Squire:       One (1) scholarship (the Father Joseph Geary Scholarship) of $1,000 to a current or former Columbian Squire entering or resuming college.

In addition to these scholarships from the California State Council, the Past State Deputies Association will award one Scholarship of $750 to an eligible applicant from any of the three categories above.

Qualifications for Academic Scholarships (March 1, 2018 deadline)

Academic scholarship applicants must meet one of the following requirements:

  1. A member of the Knights of Columbus in good standing in a California Council,
  2. The spouse, son or daughter of a K of C member in good standing in a California Council,
  3. The spouse, son or daughter of a deceased member, who was in good standing with a California Council at the time of his death,
  4. A member in good standing of a California Columbian Squires Circle,
  5. A former Squire and son of a K of C member in good standing in a California Council,
  6. Submit the complete application by March 1, 2018.

Qualifications for Religious Scholarships (March 1, 2018 deadline)

Applicants for the Religious scholarship must be in good standing with his / her diocese or Order (seminary or school of formation). The deadline for Religious applications is March 1, 2018. This deadline is timed to be shortly after the diocese makes assignments.

Required Documents

Accurate and complete forms are required as part of eligibility:

  1. ALL: The appropriate application completed by the applicant with the verification of eligibility and the correct attestation / endorsement signatures,
  2. ALL: Answers to the Personal Statement questions, and
  3. ACADEMIC: Scholastic records (SAT, ACT or official high school transcripts). Continuing students should submit official transcripts for all previous college level courses, (The program deadline is specifically set to allow applicants to include academic records for the first half of the2015-2016 school year.)
  4. ACADEMIC: A written recommendation (one page in length) from three personal supporters (excluding parent or guardian),
  5. RELIGIOUS: A statement of recommendation from a key supporter, such as, a statement of recommendation from: Novice Master, Prior or Superior or other in charge of formation.

To qualify for a scholarship, complete and submit the appropriate application, the Personal Statement and all required documents in a single hardcopy packet no later than the stated deadline for the application. Apply for a scholarship with the understanding that completing all the required steps may take some time (up to three months). Incomplete forms, missing signatures, undated applications, supplemental pages without names and other similar omissions will delay the Committee review and may disqualify the application.

Obtaining the application

  • Request the appropriate application from the Grand Knight. All of the scholarship application materials are included in the Programs Handbook.
  • Use the appropriate application and verification forms following this article.
  • As a last resort, request the appropriate application form from the State Scholarship Chairman, or request the appropriate application form by writing the State Council at 15808 Arrow Blvd, Suite A, Fontana, 92335; Email: state.office@californiaknights.org or; calling (909) 434-0460.


Awarding the Scholarships

The State Scholarship Committee will evaluate the applications, and the State Deputy will announce the winners at the Annual California State Convention. The State Council pays the scholarship directly to the school after confirmation of full-time enrollment.

Scoring Criteria

The Scholarship Committee will evaluate applications with emphasis on the following:

  • Completeness and accuracy of applicant details on the application, personal statement and all submitted paperwork,
  • A balance between academic performance, community service and other volunteer activities, work and job progression progress,
  • A concise and compelling personal perspective in the Personal Statement essay,
  • Recommendations that reveal your strengths and accomplishments from the eyes of the author, and
  • Overall neatness of the submitted hardcopy packet

(Note: Electronic submissions will not be accepted.)


The Knights of Columbus Supreme Council has an aggressive Scholarship and Student Loan Program. The Supreme Council awards numerous Catholic College Scholarships of $1,500 per year to incoming freshman, and renewable thereafter. For further information, request booklet #951, “Financial Aid to Education” from the Supreme Council.


Froilan M. Panlilio
State Scholarships Program
California State Chairman

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