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Gta V Chiliad Mural Solved Assignment

Grand Theft Auto V

|29 June 2016

GTA V's Bigfoot mystery has finally been solved

After months of digging through GTA 5's code and following the breadcrumb trail laid out by Rockstar, a bunch of hunters have worked together to finally uncover the Bigfoot mystery.

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It all started last year when players uncovered a golden peyote plant. It was found by digging through the game's code which gave the exact coordinates of each of the seven plants. The problem was, some of the plants just weren't where they were supposed to be.

There was a little hint hidden in the code from Rockstar though, with a line of text saying "he was wrong to start his hunt on Tuesday”.

Similarly to the Mount Chiliad UFO mystery, the peyote plant only appeared when going to it on the right day and during the correct weather conditions. 

“Each and every patch, a dedicated team of code readers called The Codewalkers constantly check if something new was added into the [GTA 5] code,” Louis C LeBlond, one of the key players involved in solving the mystery, told Kotaku in an interview. “They compare [databases] and [from there we got] clues about what was added or not. This is all very difficult because Rockstar are masters [at] hiding their code.”

Soon after, players realised they needed to assign each peyote to a day of the week, tampering with the game to spawn the right weather for the seven consecutive days as they tracked each one down. They finally did it and... nothing happened.

However, a later GTA 5 update changed the Tuesday hint hidden in the code so it said "His quarry seemed familiar". 

“The consensus so far has been that Rockstar only added the rest of the secret into the code when they knew that we had completed the seven golden peyote spawning mystery,” LeBlond said. “For everyone, this was a 100% confirmation that Rockstar was communicating something with us.

"We only understood [it recently],” LeBlond said. “We realised that all along...we were basically chasing a beast...quarry in this sentence means an ‘object of pursuit.’"

Now when the peyotes were eaten in order, GTA 5 spawned a minigame where players had to track down a new hunting target. 

It's a difficult hunt, with some players reporting it lasting over an hour. LeBlond was the first person to manage to fell the beast before it got away and you can see the chase in the video below:

Successfully hunting down the beast awarded LeBlond with a Teen Wolf skin for use in Director Mode. 

“It was really a complete group effort between more than 30 persons,” LeBlond said. “We were all live chatting on our dedicated Discord server [to solve it], with the codewalkers streaming live while they were deciphering the code.”

Other than the skin, LeBlond's prize was getting to feel “like a proud hunter finding a legendary beast.”

Thanks, Kotaku.

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Meeting all the correct conditions, the Mt Chiliad UFO should appear at 3.00am on top of Mount Chiliad. If you stay within viewing distance of it, the UFO will stay visible for a number of days (in game days).


The Four UFO's

  • The first, the Mount Chiliad UFO will appear to the south, just infront of Mt Chiliad but slightly above your character while standing on the lookout platform (its highly likely this one is a hologram, due to its vanishing appearance when moving away from the platform, also no damage or hit markers from weapons to it, has FIB logo attached)
Mount Chiliad UFO
Sandy Shores UFO
  • The third can be found above the Fort Zancudo Airforce Base bunker (black in color with a noticeable difference in appearance to the others, also boasts similar force field & engine failure capabilities to the Sandy Shores UFO. Altitude is lower than Sandy Shores UFO. No FIB logo but it has the words 'Segregate & Rearrange' attached)
Fort Zancudo UFO
  • The fourth is submerged close to the bottom of the ocean (indications of a crash on the seabed, no FIB logo attached), this UFO can often be seen while collecting Nuclear Waste around Paleto Bay. A game mission that requires you to use the minisub This must also be completed to achieve 100% game completion that is required for further involvement in the search.
Paleto Bay submerged UFO


Want to know more about these UFO's? Please click the following link: 

Unlocking The UFO's


The Easter Egg rewards were on the mural:

The possible reward/s have generally been suggested are the contents of the bottom three boxes on the mural, all contain various painted images inside them, these boxes were also located at the base of the Chiliad mural image. 

 The three boxes contained the following:

  • The far right image depicts a stick figure character with a jetpack on its back (a well known & very much loved addition for players on another Rockstar creation, San Andreas)
  • The middle image shows a cracked egg. More likely just a reference to these type of hidden game prize/rewards called 'Easter Eggs'. (all tho its still being debated about its true meaning, as possible references to a number of clues regarding possible alien/dinosaur eggs & other egg theories are still being debunked or assessed)

 What possible clues have been found

Yet haven't been confirmed?

  • Three other Mt Chiliad glyphs found
  • Mt Chiliad mural lines-exact meaning to this has yet to be clearly identified.
  • Hippie/UFO mural-site/glyphs/clues/wow signal/ufo
  • Altruists-camp/glyphs/radio tower/sacrifice stone
  • Ft Zancudo-ufo/control tower/bunker/hangar
  • FIB-satellite surveillance/ufo logos
  • IAA-company logo's/statues/building
  • Weazel-tower light/often seen outside characters homes/strange news broadcasts
  • El Gordo lighthouse-epsilon link/ursula's house
  • Concrete cylinders-red arrows
& many other possible links, that have no concrete evidence to claim to be confirmed as of yet.
These & many other questions are still creating much debate within the GTA community.

New information will be posted here once it's been confirmed.

To keep my personal ideas & theories from clouding your judgement on this subject, i have kept these on separate pages. Please feel free to view my 'Unlocking The Mt Chiliad Mural' pages on the link below. Here you will find my personal ideas & theories from studying this subject.



Unlocking The Mt Chiliad Mural - Part 1


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